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Tri-Glide Kits
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Tri-Glide Kits

Tri-Glide Kits

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The Hilman Tri-Glide provides a stable, efficient solution for moving heavy loads over finished floors.  It is designed with a large footprint to spread the weight of the load over a greater area.  Our Polyurethane and Nylon rollers are non-marking and can be used on a variety of floor surfaces.  The Tri-Glide low-profile keeps the load close to the ground for safe moving.

All Tri-Glide Systems contain one steerable front unit and two adjustable-width rear units.


  • Low height - just 4 inches on 10,15 & 20 ton units
  • Multi-functional Handle - flipping action provides additional handle bar clearance to prevent steer binding
  • Tow Latch - can be pin locked or left free to articulate during maneuvering
  • 360-Degree Turntable with Non-Slip Swivel Pad-for easy turning


The standard Tri-Glide includes a front steering unit and two rear adjustable units.

The steerable front unit contains a 360-degree swiveling turntable that allows the rollers to rotate under the load, making pushing and pulling more precise.  The rear dollies are kept aligned by an adjustable spreader bar, allowing them to track properly when moving.

Placing the dollies in a 3-point configuration can stabilize the rollers and prevent them from slipping out, even under pulling and tugging forces.  As the load is steered with the front unit, the rear dollies will follow, providing the user with a wide range of mobility.

While the 3-point configuration is recommended as a safe load moving solution, additional modules can be added and reconfigured to further stabilize, bulky loads.

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