Low Profile

Low Profile Rollers

The ERS Series features a two-piece design with a base roller and a detachable swivel attachment. It is especially valuable for tasks requiring a roller with low clearance.

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A Kit is a prepackaged set that includes: 4 rollers, 4 pads, 2 steering handles, 1 Steel Kit Box for easy storage and carrying. All ERS Series kits include 4 Swivel Locking Attachments with Diamond Steel tops.

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Versatile Attachments

Swivel Locking

Manually situated on the Rollers, these optional attachments enhance maneuverability and add minimal height to the basic roller, providing the ability to make turns without jacking the equipment.


Padded attachments are elastomeric and help minimize metal to metal slippage.  Available with or without a Locking device.


Diamond attachments have spike-like grid able to grip wood and provide a secure move for crated or palletized equipment.  Available with or without a Locking device.

Firm Grip

These open top steel chain movers offer the lowest height among our rollers and come with attachments allowing you to adjust the roller height for different moves. The serrated side plates enable the Roller to maintain a firm grip on moving loads.

Product Modifications

Standard customization options for any of our products.

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Custom Solutions

Made-to-order products built for your specific needs.

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