Space Launch System Work Platform

Omni-directional XY Rollers used to move platforms for NASA to test and process that most powerful rocket in the world.


NASA’s Space Launch System rocket required a large high bay with moving platforms to provide access for testing and processing of the most powerful rocket in the world.

The Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) High Bay 3 will contain 10 levels of platforms, each containing two separated halves. The 20 total platforms, at about 38 feet long by 62 feet wide, each contain four Hilman Rollers on each side. Each roller is rated at 150 metric ton capacity.

The roller application is moving each platform segment into position on the X and Y axis. Two of the modified rollers are bolted together as an upper and lower unit. The upper rollers are used along an I-beam where uplift is used to move. The lower rollers run along a channel similar to how a kitchen drawer works.

These custom-made rollers featured Accu-Roll Guidance to maintain positive alignment, radial keyed rolls to improve the life of the chain’s strength and keep the load plate on track, stainless steel wipers to sweep debris out of the path of the rollers requiring less maintenance, a double wide chain which features two rolls on one pin for higher capacity and a shorter footprint, and hot-dip galvanized frames to protect against corrosion from exposure to the elements.

Hilman provided these rollers to G & C Equipment, who worked along with Hensel Phelps Construction, who was the general contractor of the project.

Old Hilman roller

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