Ship Launching

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA

Year: 1996

Product: 150 ton Rollers with accu-roll guidance &  topped with Fabric Pads

Pictured here is the January 1996 launch of a Minesweeper, the second in a series of ships to be launched as part of the Canadian Navy Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel program.  Joint venture partners will build and launch 14 of these minesweepers over a period of several years.  Each ship weighs approximately 750 metric tonnes.

Ships are launched using specially designed launch cradles to which galvanized Hilman Rollers are attached.  Used in this application are fourteen 150 ton capacity Hilman Rollers topped with Fabric Pads.  In addition, four 150 ton capacity Hilman Rollers, each modified with an Accu-Roll guidance system, are used to guide in the slipway tracks.  The launch cradles enable the ships to be guided down the slipway, which has a 5-3/4% grade, into the water. 


150 Ton Rollers with Fabric Pads are used to guide in the slipway tracks.