Rocket Launch Tower Move

Radial keyway chain rollers designed with Accu-Roll guidance to move an entire building to the launch tower.


Hilman Rollers are an integral part of the rocket launch mission, adding safety and efficiency to critical load movements. Final assembly and fitting-up of the rocket occurs in a “S.C.A.T.” building, some distance away from the launch tower site. When the rocket assembly is complete, the entire “S.C.A.T.” building rolls to the launch tower on 60-OT Hilman Rollers equipped with Accu-Roll Guidance Systems “R” and “U”. A pair of parallel I-beams provides a smooth, level rolling surface for the rollers, while the Accu-Roll Guidance System “U” located on the underside of the I-beam flanges prevent uplift.

Once in position at the launch site, a special “Break-Over Fixture”, equipped with a combination of 20-OT and 50-OT ton capacity Hilman Modified Rollers raises the rocket into its vertical launch position. The launch tower itself is equipped with 500-OT and 200-OT style rollers with radiused keyway chains utilizing Accu-Roll Guidance Systems “R” and “U” to allow the entire tower to roll in a fixed radius on matching I-beams.

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