Offshore Module Loadout

Locations: Stavanger, Norway

Year: 1998

Product: 400 Ton modified roller with keyed plate and accu-roll guidance

Hilman Rollers was called upon to design and manufacture a roller for moving specially fabricated modules that were to be installed offshore, primarily for use as living quarters. The modules, fabricated in Sweden, weighed up to 2,000 tons and had to be rolled into position for access by a barge crane. The actual moves were made in 1999.

400-ton Rollers with Modified Top Plate for Mounting Special Keyed Mating Plate rolling modules to the Barge Crane.

Hilman designed a special 400-ton capacity roller with AccuRoll guidance on one side and a top plate that fit a keyed plate intended to mate with the mount locations on the modules. Twin I-beams were used as the rolling surface. Because of the roller’s low coefficient of friction, approximately as low as 2%, the moves were made with ease and efficiency. The heaviest module was easily moved using only eight Hilman Rollers.


Installing Hilman Rollers with Fabric Pre-load Pads