Offshore Crane Move

location: Australia

year: 2006

products: 50-ot & 50-ot modified rollers

Hilman provided (4) 50-ton capacity rollers for the installation of a large crane aboard an offshore rig. This project allowed for two standard rollers and two modified rollers

This customer requested the modified rollers to feature the 2R-3 Accu-Roll system design with (2) accu-roll guides on one end. 

Many heavy moves of 100 tons or greater are done with the aid of elastomeric Fabric Preload Pads placed between the roller and load. With Fabric Preload Pads located on top of the roller, less than perfect surfaces can be negotiated because the contact rolls will bear their proportionate share of the load at all times. These pads are a low cost, simple solution to a less than perfect rolling surface.


The crane was moved on (2) steel I beams to its new location.