Motorized Roller for Melter Cart Bogey

Electric powered motorized roller and complete track system supplied for Nuclear Vitrification site move.


Hilman designed and supplied (6) 100-ton electric powered motorized rollers and complete track system on a Melter Cart Bogey to be used at the Hanford Nuclear Vitrification Site. The site houses millions of gallons of radioactive and chemical waste that are byproduct of the national defense efforts during World War II and the Cold War era. During the vitrification process, the gases are processed, stabilized and poured into stainless steel canisters to cool and solidify which our rollers move in and out.

Their testing was conducted by mounting the rollers to a cart loaded with 360-ton of concrete block, to simulate the actual maximum load once installed. Among many requirements for the system, the overall height of the rollers and track could not exceed 20 inches. The motorized roller system was designed with less than 16 inches in overall height.The electric motorized rollers were an ideal fit for this project because of their smooth forward-backward repetitive movement.

The load was moved over 160 feet of distance of travel and back at less than 1 foot per minute. There was a 2” by 20” sole plate (or base plate) which had a machined groove on top to accept a hardened & machined steel flat bar that was 2-3/8” thick by 5” wide.The gaps in the track are located at some intersections where some other tracks will cross over the tracks that we supplied. This motorized roller design creates an even load bearing area or footprint allowing it to span the gaps for an uninterrupted move. In the end, the Hilman motorized roller system tested out as required, a low-profile solution for repetitive, straight line movement of the heavyweights.

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