Constructed entirely of high-tensile steel, the LPT is designed to move the spent fuel cask through the low height doors.

Low Profile Transporter (LPT) Application

Low Profile Transporter (LPT) application for which we fabricated a cart with rollers to transfer casks loaded with spent fuel rods from the Fuel Storage Building (FSB).

Detroit, Michigan

Working closely with a regional nuclear power generating company, Hilman designed, built, and tested this Low Profile Transporter for Spent Nuclear Fuel Cask handling at a plant. Constructed entirely of high-tensile steel, the LPT is specially designed to move the spent fuel cask through the low height doors and out of the powerplant building. Hilman LPT’s are designed to have a very high capacity, yet low friction for low horsepower requirements as well as the ability to ride on existing railroad track installed in the facility when it was built.

Dual Radial Keyway chains were used on these rollers to enable them to ride on the crown of the customers rail and provide the roller with low friction and exceptional robustness. Crowned Accu-Roll Guides with shim plates were used to ensure consistent guide contact with the rail as well as provide the end user with the ability to adjust the guide clearance for optimal operation. Each of the rollers was mounted to a rocker assembly which ensured the rollers would not be subject to uneven loading when the cask was placed on the cart and pre-load pads gave an extra level of articulation to each roller assembly.

Hilman Engineering worked very closely with the customer to provide them with the exact product they wanted and needed. All fabrication work was completed in-house and safety critical components were subject to load testing and non-destructive examination at our factory to ensure the product would meet and exceed specifications.

Old Hilman roller

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