Floating Dry Dock

Location: Newport News, Virginia USA

Year: 2005

Product: 150 NT Rollers with accu-roll guidance & Trunnion Mounts

The Floating Dry Dock Access Ramp is a 108’-0” long by 16’-0” wide by 12’-0” deep fully welded steel truss structure utilized for the loading of materials taken from the Land Level Facility at the submarine assembly area to the Floating Dry Dock during preparation for submarine launches.  

The overall structure is actually constructed of two separate 108’-0” long ramp structures that weigh 45 tons each and together are designed to support either (1) transporter carrying 100 tons or (2) straddle carriers, each carrying 33 tons.  The ramp is supported by stainless steel bearing pins at the Land Level Facility side and is supported by (4) 150 ton rollers with Stainless steel chain and trunnion mounts on the Floating Dry Dock pontoon deck.

150 NT Roller with Accu-Roll Guidance