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Flush Top (T)
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Flush Top (T)

Flush Top (T)

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These rollers can withstand high static loading over long periods of time, often carrying the full load weight for more than a year with no adverse effects. Because loads are spread over a wide area and carried by the load plate and the contact rolls, rollers are ideal for many applications requiring the frequent movement of heavy loads. Rollers can also be used inverted, as static conveyors.

These rollers come in a variety of capacities, frame and top styles.  

OT and NT come with standard bolt-on or welded mounting hole patterns. The top plates add extra strength to the frame and variety to mounting capabilities, making one type ideal for cavity mount, bolt-on or weld mount.

They can easily be modified for any application. For modifications or a specific project, contact us at 732-462-6277 or