Battery-powered and wireless skate that provides unparalleled mobility with whisper-quiet efficiency.

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The TK-EVO is offered in a basic package that includes (1) TK-40E with battery and charger and more!

  • (1) TK-EVO Crawler with Battery

  • (1) Battery Charger

  • (1) Remote Control

  • (2) 10 Ton Capacity Dollies

  • (1) Spare 48VDC/60Ah Battery

  • (1) 8 ft Alignment Bar

    (4) Preload Pads

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Floor Protection Tracks

Our new floor protection tracks provide extra protection on a variety of surfaces.

Real World Applications

Moving Injection Molding

Moving Injection Molding

Moving Industrial Equipment

Horizontal Use in Tight Spaces

Engine Moves

Moves Offset CG Motors in Tight Spaces

Medical Equipment Installation

Lift Heavy Items with Low Clearance

Moving equipment

Medical Equipment Relocation

Moves offset

Medical Equipment Installation

Moving Engines

Moving Engines

Moving Turbines

Moving Turbines

Hilman’s Advantage

  • 65+ years of real-world experience and expertise
  • Thousands of successful applications worldwide
  • In-house Engineering, Design, and Fabrication
  • Superior customer service & support
  • Proven Technology
  • ISO 9001 certified

Custom Modifications

Custom options are available for your specific application including track inspection windows, attachments, turtlebacks and turntables, and rear dolly modifications.