Powered Systems


The PowerAttack is an innovative way to move loads on skates or trolleys instead of forklifts.

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Two Moving Types



Powered by an electric cable with 230 V or 110V drive motor available (Similar to the electric power bar) this unit features 2 electronically controlled speeds (0-5m/in and 0-20m/min), forward-backward function & more.



Powered by a 24V synchronous motor with 1kw output, generating 800Nm to drive-wheels this unit features smooth variable speed control (0-20m/min), forward-backward function, Integrated-brake and emergency stop button & more!

Explore Universal Machinery Moving Packages

This versatile and easy to use powered 3 point moving system is designed to meet the majority of your load moving requirements.  The kit includes everything you need to move loads easily, effectively and safely.

  • (1) Battery Powered Load Mover

  • (2) Rear Dollies with Adjustable Spreader Bar

  • (2) Batteries

  • (2) 10 Ton Hydraulic Jacks

  • (1) Charger

  • (2) 10 ft Hoses

  • (1) 3 Point Moving Dolly

  • (1) Battery Powered Hydraulic Pump

  • (1) Corded Power Load Mover

  • (2) Rear Dollies with Adjustable Spreader Bar

  • (1) 3 Point Moving Dolly

  • (2) 10 Ton Manual Toe Jacks

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Real World Applications

Moving Injection Molding

Moving Injection Molding

Moving Industrial Equipment

Horizontal Use in Tight Spaces

Engine Moves

Moves Offset CG Motors in Tigh Spaces

Medical Equipment Installation

Lift Heavy Items with Low Clearance

Moving equipment

Medical Equipment Relocation

Moves offset

Medical Equipment Installation

Moving Engines

Moving Engines

Moving Turbines

Moving Turbines

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  • Proven Technology
  • ISO 9001 certified

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