Hilman’s extensive experience in custom modifications of rollers and rolling systems design covers a broad spectrum of applications.

Accu-Roll Guidance

Type R - Type U

Most common system for guidance on OUTSIDE of track.
It can consist of one to four Accu-Rolls, mounted to the roller. Ideal for any system, permanent or temporary
Flat bar mounted to factory floor provides low height, accessible rolling system with minimal floor surface obstacles.

Type C

Common system for guidance INSIDE a track or a track embedded in concrete floor.
It can consist of one to four Accu-Rolls; two can be installed on one end or on one side, or in center of Roller frame side.
Track can be standard channel, inside flanges of H-Beam, fabricated track from back-to-back angles, etc.

Type U

Most often added to Type R system. It can consist of one or more Accu-Rolls per side.
It prevents UPLIFT in dynamic conditions; resistance against wind and buoyancy;
protection against overturning moment and aids in moving top-heavy or eccentrically loaded equipment.

Top Modifications

Modifications to the top plates of Hilman Rollers can range greatly. Some relatively simple top modifications might be special drilled and tapped hole patterns, connecting studs or tops machined to close tolerances. Top clamps, hinged adaptations or container fittings can be added to the rollers, as well as other types of attachments, for the purpose of mounting to a specific type of footing or pad. Rocker Tops are also available.

Chain & Frame Modifications

There are several different modifications that Hilman can do to the chains. Tapered roller chains allow Hilman Rollers to follow a fixed radius.  Keyway chains are an internal guidance feature to maximize chain life. In highly repetitive applications or where rollers encounter bursts of speed; the Keyway feature keeps the chain centered in the roller frame. Concave and Convex chain and frame solutions are also possible. Hilman  can  even design specially contoured chain where the rolls are machined to match the contour of crowned rails, ensuring sufficient contact area.

Track Wipers or Dirt Shields

Many wiper and shield styles can be added to Rollers for use in extremely dirty or abusive conditions to minimize the exposure of dirt and dust to the roller chain.

Custom design and fabrication

Designed by expert engineers and made from the highest-quality steel, these rollers offer safe and reliable support, move after move.

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Hilman’s solutions outperform the competition, promise a long life, and give you maximum cost value. We can make modifications to any of our products, or provide a complete custom solution that fits your specific needs.

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