Bridge Rigging and Moving

The Queensferry Crossing Bridge


Real World Applications

Whether used in the casting yard, built into segment launching or advancing equipment, used to move an entire steel bridge span or to pick and place large castings, rugged Hilman Rollers are at home in this tough environment.

Bridge Girder Launch

Bridge Launch _ Construction

Bridge Roll

Moving Concrete Segments

Rail Bridges

Rocker Top for Bridge Launch

Hilman’s Advantage

  • 65+ years of real-world experience and expertise
  • Thousands of successful applications worldwide
  • In-house Engineering, Design, and Fabrication
  • Superior customer service & support
  • Proven Technology
  • ISO 9001 certified

Custom design and fabrication

Designed by expert engineers and made from the highest-quality steel, these rollers offer safe and reliable support, move after move.

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Second launching completed with the rollers we bought a couple of years ago. Those rollers are 100% reliable, they are intact after two demanding jobs.

Telmo Andrés Sánchez Grunauer, Ph.D.


Featured Projects

Hilman products make complex rigging and lifting a reality. Here are some examples of our work with industry leaders.

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Steel Chain Rollers

These versatile rollers are made from durable hardened steel and feature an infinite chain design for easy and reliable heavy load moving. Safely position heavy equipment and move machinery.


A range of machine moving and rigging equipment dollies and skates that carry heavy loads and equipment with ease and agility. Move heavy machinery and loads efficiently, even in tight spaces.

Toe Jacks

Lift heavy equipment up to 25 tons with low-profile hydraulic toe jacks. These jacks provide a range of lift points, handle options, and pump connections for easy lifting and mounting.

Powered Systems

Power your moves with a range of battery and fuel-powered moving systems that easily move heavy machinery and loads. Explore Hilman’s range of machine skates, crawlers and dollies.