Where are your products made?

All of our chain action rollers, heavy moving dollies, rotating dollies and more are manufactured and assembled in our factory in Marlboro, NJ. Our products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Where can I find drawings for your products?

We offer free Native CAD files on most of our chain action rollers and are always adding to this portfolio. Click here to view what products have available files.

Once you choose the file type and click download a form will pop up. Once completed, the AutoCAD drawing download link will appear on the page under the photo.

We are also happy to provide pdf drawings or other details upon request.

Do you make custom rollers for specific projects?

Yes we do! Our engineers are in house and will design custom or modified heavy moving rollers or dollies for specific to project needs. If you have a particular application, you can fill out our Custom Application Request to get started.

What size (capacity/tons) kit do I need?

What is the maximum weight in tons of the equipment being moved? That weight is the capacity of the Kit or Set you will need, or divide by 4 if individual rollers are desired. We recommend selecting the next highest capacity for a better safety factor and if you are in-between sizes or there is any question about floor surface.

What type of top do I need to move my equipment?

What is the equipment being moved and what is the base that will rest on the rollers?

Choose “D” style, Diamond Steel tops, for wood-skidded or crated machinery.

Choose “P" style, Padded Style tops for metal-based equipment.

What is the difference between 3 point and 4 point configurations?

We recommend 3 point configurations for safe moving. If the load is on uneven ground the load will not rock. The weight of the load will be equally distributed and secured keeping the skates in place. In a 4 point configuration the load could rock causing the weight of the load to lift off of one dolly and it could slip out. If your load sits on an I-beam or 4 legs than using a 4 point system is possible.

Should I choose Steel chain or Nylon chain rollers?

What type of floor is being rolled on?

Choose steel chain Rollers for your ordinary hard, level concrete factory floors, or for rolling on a steel surface.

Choose Nyton nylon chain Rollers if your floor surface is coated, painted or requires special protection. Nyton Rollers are available in padded style only for increased floor protection.

Which wheel should I choose Poly, Nylon or Steel?

NYLON WHEELS are for good floor protection and favorable wear. They will not “set” if left under load (static) for a period of time.

POLY WHEELS are a softer wheel that provide excellent floor protection on tile floors.

STEEL WHEELS provide the best wear characteristics and are great for durable floors but do not offer floor protection.

My move requires straight moving and turning/positioning. Which roller type do I need?

Kits and Sets are available with Swivel-Locking style Rollers. Lock the swivel on the Swivel-Locking style rollers for moving in a straight line. Unlock the swivel for turning. The lock engages every 45º for precise positioning in tight quarters. Handles are used for steering and positioning the Roller only. The Swivel-Lock is for added control on long, straight moves.

How do I determine the coefficient of friction?

Typically we will see between 2-3% friction for our chain action rollers. Operational and environmental concerns may increase or decrease these values. Under ideal conditions that can be as low as 1%. The combination of a hard steel load plate and the chain of concentrically group and hardened steel rolls offer the ultimate in low friction under the proper conditions.  Ideal conditions would be an evenly centered load on the rollers with a hardened steel rolling surface that is smooth, level and clear of debris.  In such instances, our rollers have been tested and are between 1 and 2% coefficient of friction.


Do you have local distributors?

We do! We are proud to partner with distributors around the world that carry Hilman brand standard products online and locally for your convenience. If you are looking for Hilman standard products locally, you can search here.  If you cannot find a distributor in your specific area, please contact our sales team at sales@hilmanrollers.com and they can assist with finding the closest distributor.

How do I become a reseller of Hilman products?

Please contact us at sales@hilmanrollers.com in order to discuss options and requirements to become a Hilman reseller or distributor.


Do you ship internationally?

Online checkout is available for US and Canada only right now but we do ship all of our heavy moving products internationally! For international order inquiries please contact our International Sales department at +1 732-462-6277 or email sales@hilmanrollers.com.

Please Note: Hilman does not provide customs brokerage services. Please provide a Customs Broker including a contact and phone number in the box provided below. If this information is not provided in the order notes, Hilman reserves the right to place a hold on the shipment until one is provided. Prices does not include any duties or taxes. These will be the responsibility of the receiver.

How is shipping calculated?

Our shipping charges are based on the delivery method, size, weight, as well as the delivery destination.

We have a shipping rates calculator that's available when you add items to your cart, so you can estimate the cost before the checkout process! For residential addresses there will be an additional charge for a lift gate if required.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

Depending on the delivery destination, orders can take up to 2 weeks to arrive.