No Cords, No Emissions, Whisper Quiet!

Move heavy loads without cords and hazardous exhaust fumes! The TK-EVO’s low profile height and compact size allows it to fit into tighter spaces and store easily.  Great for use on special flooring including clean rooms, healthcare facilities, microchip manufacturing plants and more!

Packages include 1 Charge Unit and 1 battery, 48VDC/60Ah with State of Charge (SOC) display.  Typical battery life under working conditions is up to 3 hours.  Charge time is up to 3 hours with standard 110V single phase outlet.


  • Low profile height of 6.4″ (163mm) without pad
  • Compact size 41″ (1041mm) x 36″ (914mm) with battery attached
  • Crawler is of the skid steer type using two independent parallel tracks
  • 2 Speed settings with proportional control forward and reverse -High Speed: 12 fpm, Low Speed: 8 fpm
  • Near zero crawler turning radius
  • Long range wireless transmitter with rechargeable battery
  • Quick release battery mounting for fast change out even under load


  • No cords eliminate tripping hazards for crew members
  • No hazardous exhaust fumes from an IC engine to limit areas for operation
  • Quiet operation eliminates the need for ear protection while improving crew communication
  • Compact size fits into tighter spaces and allows for easy storage



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