High capacity, low profile roller dollies that utilize a wheel and axle design for moving, shifting or positioning heavy weights.
Tri-Glide Series – 3-Point Load Moving Solution – stable and efficient heavy moving that can be used on a variety of floor types.
Bull Dolly Series
Bull Dolly Series – Lightweight, Cost Effective – easy to maneuver heavy equipment such as large safes, chillers, condensers and machinery.
Trackmate Series - Self-Guiding Dolly – dual flanged wheels ensure proper alignment. Ideal for moving in many assembly & production lines.
Omni-Skates - 360 Degree Maneuverability - Move heavy loads in tight spaces and around sharp corners in any direction.

Large Footprint, Low profile

Wheel and axle design allows for multiple rolls to be used, spreading the weight of the load over a wider area while keeping the load close to the ground for safe moving.

Maintenance Friendly

Our dollies have very few moving parts minimizing maintenance requirements.
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Floor Protection

Polyurethane and Nylon wheel options are non-marking and can be used on a variety of floor surfaces.