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Hilman designs and manufactures custom engineered solutions to ensure proper fit and function for specific project applications.

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Let us assist you with your next big move! At Hilman we incorporate sound engineering with top quality materials ensuring optimum performance, long life, and maximum cost value for all of our products. 

Hilman can make modifications to any of our products or supply you with a complete custom solution that fits your specific application. 

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native cad drawings

We offer native 3D CAD drawing files on most of our standard models for download.  For modifications or custom drawings please contact us directly so we can assist you with the files you need.

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A Perfect Fit

Hilman designs, engineers and manufactures complete turnkey custom solutions tailor-made to your project needs.  Our engineers work closely with our customers on unique projects around the world to supply them with products that integrate seamlessly into their applications for a perfect move!  

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Hilman can supply custom steel fabrications for a variety of components to be integrated, or used in conjunction, with our heavy-duty rollers. We have designed and built several heavy-duty carts that utilize our rollers to move heavy equipment and materials.

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Hydraulic Integration

Hilman can integrate hydraulic cylinders, either as motive force or to lift a load for a specific reason; or both.  Motive Force can be applied in any number of ways. Solid chain-drive systems and/or hydraulic push-pull cylinders are just a couple of the solutions that Hilman has supplied with complete control systems for easy user interface.