Prepackaged Kits and Sets

Hilman Rollers Prepackaged Kits and Sets

The difference between  a Kit and a Set of Hilman Rollers is the Kit Box. Deluxe Riggers Sets come with a box that is used to store the various components of the Set.  The idea here is to keep everything together neat and under lock & key if desired.  Deluxe Riggers Sets always have a ‘K’ in the prefix (KRS or KNRS) to indicate that the Kit Box is included.

A Riggers Set, for the most part, is a set of 4 equal capacity, swivel top rollers.  Also included are two steering handles.  A Kit Box is not included with Riggers Sets.

Deluxe Riggers Kits and Riggers Sets are the best way to get a move done quickly.  Easy to store and a wide range of capacities make these rollers popular with riggers, millwrights, and machinery installers.

All Hilman Rollers Deluxe Riggers Kits and Riggers Sets come with a limited 5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Bull Dolly Kits and Sets come with a 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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