Hilman Elastomeric Preload Pads, used on top of or built into the top of individual Hilman Rollers serve to cushion the load while it is being moved.  These replaceable pads are made of a high durometer neoprene that makes them strong yet resilient.  The fact that the pads are pliable under heavy loads while providing a non-slip surface at the base of the load allow the roller footprint to conform with minor imperfections in the rolling surface.  This pliability provides the user with the dual benefit of reducing the metal-to-metal slippage that can occur when moving a large piece of metal based equipment and allowing the movement of heavy loads over less than a perfect floor surface.

A Flex-Mount Fabric Preload Pad used with a Hilman Roller cushions the load over a long period.  The replaceable pad is made with a fabric duct impregnated into and elastomer blend creating a high durometer pad which is both resilient and durable under heavy loading.  In addition to providing protection at the base of the load, Flex Mount Fabric Pads allow the rollers to move over a slightly out-of-level surface with comparative ease while they remain under tension with the load.  Hilman Flex Mount Fabric Pads have a low compression set with an excellent predictable spring rate.


Flex Mount

Preload Pads


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