The combination of a low friction and accurately guided roller can be very useful, especially if the distance is great and the final placement needs to be precise.  Additionally, if the item being moved requires careful handling, accuracy ensures integrity of the final project.

An Accu-Roll Guidance System is an addition to a Hilman Roller that is designed to better integrate the roller with some type of uniform track, for the purpose of maintaining positive alignment during a move.  Accu-Roll Systems can be designed for virtually any roller but mostly it is the XYS, ERF, OT/NT/T and SHD Series Rollers that benefit most.

In general the OT/NT/T-Series and the SHD-Series are the most common to utilize Accu-Roll systems.  As standard designs they offer the most versatile platforms to start from in terms of the range of capacities and variety of top styles.

Hilman Rollers with Accu-Roll work best on steel flat bars and structural shapes; such as inverted channels, I-beams and Wide-flanged beams.  When selecting a track it is important to make certain that the width and thickness properly accommodate the width of a roller’s footprint where it is intended to be in contact on the track.  It is also important to consider the sub-surface of the track to make sure it is supported properly.


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