Motorized Rollers

The Hilman Motorized Roller System

The Hilman Motorized Roller System is the latest innovation from Hilman Rollers, and makes moving the heavyweights even easier. As the name implies, the Hilman Motorized Roller is a fully powered version of our chain-action Hilman Roller.

Designed to be used on a steel track; the Hilman Motorized Roller is a low-profile, high-capacity solution for permanent, repetitive movement of heavy objects.

Hilman can supply a complete Motorized Roller System; with steel track, power unit and Motorized
Hilman Rollers.



This Hilman Motorized Roller System is seen here being tested prior to a permanent installation in
a large laboratory. The test was conducted by mounting six individual 100-ton capacity Hilman
Motorized Rollers to a cart loaded with 360-ton of concrete block, to simulate the actual maximum
load once installed. The load was moved over a 160-foot distance, and back, at less than 1-foot
per minute. In addition to the rollers, Hilman supplied over 600-foot of precision machined steel
track components for this test and project. Among the many requirements for the system, the
overall height of the rollers and track could not exceed 20-inches. The Hilman Motorized Roller
system was designed with less than 16-inches in overall height. The System was tested for one
cycle and all components used in the test headed straight to installation subsequent to passing.
Hilman has tested other, smaller capacity motorized roller systems with higher cycles, and similar
results. In the end the Hilman Motorized Roller System tested out