Individual OT NT T Series

Individual OT/NT/T-Series Hilman Rollers

The OT/NT/T-Series Hilman Rollers are the no-frills type of rollers that, if necessary, can be easily modified to custom suit your application. They are typically used in semi-permanent and permanent type applications, with or without guidance; such as on a Die Transfer Cart or as bearing for a thermal expansion joint.  Standard designs can have one or more modifications added to them to create a unique product.

It should be noted that this series is related to the Wide Body-Series and the Super Heavy Duty-Series Hilman Rollers. Basically, the designs are all similar to one another.

OT-Series rollers have an Oversized top that extend over the sides of the roller frame.  NT-Series rollers have a Narrow top that extends over the ends of the roller frame. The tops of the OT & NT-Series rollers have standard hole patterns.  T-Series Rollers have tops that are flush with the roller frame on all sides. These are considered to be ideal for cavity-mount type applications. OT/NT/T-Series rollers range in capacity from .75-tons up to 75-tons.

OT Dimension Chart

NT Dimension Chart

T Dimension Chart

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