Individual ERS Series

Individual ERS Series

Individual ERS Series Hilman Rollers offer greater capacities and lower profiles than the FT Series Hilman Rollers. Optional Swivel Attachments and Handles complete the versatility in making turns easier. Swivel attachments feature locks and are offered with diamond or padded tops.

Kits & Set capacities are a combination of all four individual roller capacities in that particular size kit.

ERS Rollers Dimensions

ERS Attachments Dimensions

Handle Chart

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Individual ERS Series Hilman Rollers & Swivel Attachments with suggested Handles available are:

ERS Roller Swivel Attachments Suggested Handle
3.75-ERS T-3.75-LD & T-3.75-LP H36E
5-ERS T-5-LD & T-3.75-LP H36E
10-ERS T-10-LD & T-10-LP H48E or KDH48E
12.5-ERS T-12.5-LD & T-12.5-LP H48E or KDH48E
25-ERS T-25-LD & T-25-LP H48E or KDH48E
65-ERS T-65-LD & T-65-LP H60E
100-ERS T-100-LD & T-100-LP H60E

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