Individual Bull Dolly Series

Individual Bull Dolly Series

The Bull Dolly Series is the newest axle and wheel design from Hilman Rollers.  It is a lightweight, cost effective solution for moving heavy equipment.  Anything such as large safes, chillers, condensers and machinery can be moved safely and effectively.   1, 3 and 6 Ton Models are available in Nylon and Polyurethane wheels that are designed to not mar concrete, or most other, floors.  Steel wheels are available as well.  Each model features a turntable for easy maneuvering.  A lock enables the units to be used as swivel or rigid top dollies.  A “diamond” style top plate ensures a non-slip surface, though a neoprene pad should be utilized in addition.

Our Bull Dollies are now available in individual capacities up to 18 tons.  Our newly designed higher capacity units are available in 9, 12 and 18 tons with Polyurethane wheels.

These high capacity units not only keep the low profile and lightweight of our original models but they were designed with a larger footprint to spread the weight of the load over a greater area.

The 9, 12, and 18 Ton units also feature a multi-functional carrying handle that can not only be used to position the unit, but can also fit a standard 1 inch alignment bar through it to stabilize heavy loads or to connect multiple units.  

The Bull Dollies can have customized wheel options as well as top plates.  For more on our custom solutions click here.






If you would like to learn more about our Bull Dolly Series you can request more information using our Literature Order Form or Contact Us Form.

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