Individual Rollers

Individual Rollers

There are hundreds of different models of individual Hilman Rollers.  Standard Hilman Roller model capacities range from ½-Ton to 1000-Tons.  If you require capacity in excess of 1000-metric tons from a single, individual Hilman Roller we encourage you to contact us to discuss your application in greater depth.  There are several different models available with the same capacity, with different dimensions, and suitable for specific applications.  Please review the different series of Hilman Rollers below to learn more about each series and view the different capacities.  We encourage you to visit the “How to select your rollers” page.

Some things, in general, to remember about Hilman Rollers:

All Hilman Rollers are rated in metric tons.
Nearly all Hilman Rollers can be used inverted with the load bearing plate below the contact surface.
All Standard Hilman Rollers carry at least a 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.
All Hilman Rollers models have been tested and, under ideal conditions when under load, maintain a coefficient of better than 5%.

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