Modified Rollers

Modified Rollers

In addition to the versatile Accu-Roll systems, many other common modifications can be added to Hilman Rollers. Hilman will gladly design a Roller to fit a specific application. Contact our Sales Staff for additional information.


Modifications to the top plates of Hilman Rollers can range greatly. Some relatively simple top modifications might be special drilled and tapped hole patterns, connecting studs or tops machined to close tolerances. Top clamps, hinged adaptations or container fittings can be added to the rollers, as well as other types of attachments, for the purpose of mounting to a specific type of footing or pad. Below are several examples.


There are several different modifications that Hilman can do to the chains. Tapered roller chains allow Hilman Rollers to follow a fixed radius. Keyway chains are an internal guidance feature to maximize chain life. In highly repetitive applications or where rollers encounter bursts of speed; the Keyway feature keeps the chain centered in the roller frame. Concave and Convex chain and frame solutions are also possible. Hilman can even design specially contoured chain where the rolls are machined to match the contour of crowned rails, ensuring sufficient contact area.


Roller frames and tops can be modified in any number of ways to suit specific requirements. Special materials can be used for corrosive resistant or non sparking applications. Mounting surfaces can have custom hole patterns or machined finishes.


Many different alloys and coatings are available for making Hilman rollers meet the requirements of different applications. Alloys to resist varying levels of corrosion, high heat, and non-sparking conditions are just some of what is available for the chain assembly. Special coatings, paint finishes, galvanizing processes or platings can be applied to help in a variety of environments. Hilman typically uses the highest grade alloys and stainless steels available to insure that the rollers operate continuously in the manner intended.


Many wiper and shield styles can be added to Rollers for use in extremely dirty or abusive conditions to minimize the exposure of dirt and dust to the roller chain.


Hilman’s extensive experience in custom modifications of rollers and rolling systems design covers a broad spectrum of applications. Below are some of our more elaborate modifications.

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